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Why use a Broker?

When arranging insurance, many people take shortcuts without seeking proper advice, understanding the fine print or considering whether they are getting value for money.  Often they end up with cover they don’t need and – even worse – without the cover they really do need.

An insurance brokerage is a licensed, professional intermediary that represents the interests of clients, both consumers and businesses, in the purchase of insurance and risk products.  Insurance brokers deal with a range of insurance companies and  have access to a range of different policies.

Your broker will also handle any claims that may arise from an insured event.  Whether its business, life, home or motor insurance, the broker practitioners that work for these firms provide advice and assistance to make sure you’re properly protected.

Insurance brokers handle around $10 billion in premiums annually and place around half of Australia's total insurance business.  Brokerage firms that are members of the National Insurance Brokers Association are responsible for almost 90% of all commercial insurance transacted in Australia.

A NIBA brokerage can save you time, money and worry. Importantly these firms are run by Qualified Practising Insurance Brokers.  Like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice based on years of training and experience, a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker can do the same with your insurance.
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